"Welcome HMC Club Members and Hawkins Coach Owners. 
Pull up a log and join our Virtual Campfire. 

We're here to share ideas, thoughts, HMC RVing experiences,
both technical and social, with your new and present
HMC Family Friends.  Owners of all HMC, Aerosport,
and Hawk Coach models are welcomed".
Here is some information on an eGroup

What is an eGroup?

An eGroup is a free email group service that offer a convenient way to connect with others who share the same interests and ideas

Member Features & Benefits -

So Many Great Reasons to Use eGroups!
One Email Address
You Choose How to View Your Messages
Receive individual messages.
Receive a daily digest that consolidates all emails into one full-text message.
View messages on our Web site.
Select the "No-Mail" option to halt message delivery while you are out of town.
Strict Anti-Spam Policy

To ensure that no spam is sent to our members, eGroups has a strict
anti-spam policy and takes measures to prevent unsolicited email.
You control your personal settings.

This is a copy of the "Welcome Message"

We set this up with the idea that all HMC Club Members
would have a place to share ideas & experiences.

Therefore, we're giving you the opportunity to join our 
HMC Club "eGroup".

If you should decide that you want to participate, we want you to know that the HMC Club Webmaster will be monitoring this egroup website.
If this sounds interesting to you
and you would like to join, here is what you will need to do...

Visit our e-Group site..... (web address below)

This is a simple process.  Just follow directions. 
You do not have to answer all the questions,
and with your personal settings, you can control what personal
information is seen on the website. 
Once you have signed up, you will be sent a confirming email.

It is important that you view this email first,
and click on the web address to confirm your information. 
Only then will you be able to view our egroup site
to read or send emails.

This is confusing at first, so I thought
I would tell you ahead of time. 

My suggestion is, once you setup your account, set your personal settings to use the setting "Consolidate email messages into one-full text message". 

Each member of the group gets a copy of all emails.  Using this setting will send all email in one file rather than several individuals emails.            
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with any questions......  
PLEASE NOTE: (new as of 26 September 2013)

If you’re using Internet Explorer 9.0 or 10.0 as your internet browser, you will not be able to access the “+ Join Now” icon located on the HMC-Club eGroup Home Page. 
This is caused by an internal problem with Yahoo.  But you can do the following: 

When you access the website home page --
at the bottom of this home page,
you will see a group of email addresses . 
“Click”  (or use the following email icon)
and create an email with your email information. 
This email will come to the eGroup moderator
and they will then invite you to join the group via email. 

For those using Firefox or Chrome
as your internet browser, you should be able access
the web page and join the eGroup using the “Join Now” icon. 

The following is the web address:


Should you have problems accessing the above web address, you can do the following: 

1. Sign in to Yahoo Groups . http://groups.yahoo.com/neo
2. Use the “search” button to find  (HMC-Club)
3. Click the group’s name. (HMC-Club)
4. Click "Join Group" icon.

Set your membership preferences (your public profile, email address, message delivery, etc.).  Click "Send Request".

Responding to an invitation

1. Open the email invitation from the group you'd like to join.
2. Click "Join Group".
3. On the page that appears describing the group, again click "Join Group".

Note: If you'd rather only receive emails from the group,
click -- "Join the mailing list" (or follow the instructions below).

Subscribing to a group's mailing list

Subscribing to a group's mailing list means that you will only receive email messages from the group, so you won't have access to the group's web features (like photos, files, links, polls, calendar, etc.) unless you activate it later.

--  Send a blank email to HMC-Club-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
(or you can use this link)

Reply to the confirmation email to activate your subscription.

All rights reserved, copyright © hmcclub 2000.
No pictures from this web page may be used without the expressed permission of the